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Cherry Kids, Inc.

413 East 120 Street Room 503
NYC NY 10035

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NYC Dept Of Health
SACC License number 807275



Upcoming Events

Cherry Kids, Inc. in New York, NY organizes various types of events and learning programs for children. Please check our calendar of events below. Choose the most convenient program that suits your child’s academic needs. Let us know if you have questions.

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Cherry Kids Inc/We Global Arts Festival Presents Toy Drive 2018

El San Juan Restaurant City Island on 5th  Ave  East Harlem NY


Special thanks to all those who came to celebrate  with us!!!!!!

Manny restaurant owner  for donating the space- You are the best

Precious/Tracie/Kizzey  Phenomenal  Event Planners

Thanks for Always Remembering Us.

Grateful  to be part of Delivering Good . Everybody here understands my mission along with my personal crusade.  The sponsorship I receive because of  Delivering  Good is unexplainable. The calls,donations, and events  are part of this phenomenal type of networking. A partnership of Love/Healing/Hope to bless many!!!

2018 School in session. We giving back Free Shopping Spree with brand new  merchandise for the community Cherrykids Inc loves helping others.

Look Back at 2018  We learning and Growing Building character/ positive self esteem

Look Back  at 2018 Fun in the Summer time

KidBox Board of Directors invites Cherry Kids Inc to a Anti-Bullying Campaign Party July 2018

Just imagine a board of directors that's all children.  Kids who have a Desire to Inspire.
Thanks Cherry Kids Inc had a blast!!! Dream Believe Achieve!!!!